Stoney Baynard Ruins

Located at Plantation Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. in Sea Pines, Stoney Baynard Ruins is an important part of the history of Hilton Head Island. It includes ruins of an old plantation house built in the 1790s. These ruins have been a popular spot for ghost sightings and are considered to be haunted. Stoney Baynard Ruins is located on six acres of land. There are many trails that lead to the site. Those who visit the site can learn a lot about the plantation as well as the life of the domestic slaves. There are also interpretive signs that help visitors learn more about the history of the site.

Stoney Baynard Ruins was originally part of Braddock’s Point Plantation. It was built in 1793. During the Civil War, Union troops occupied the plantation. In 1869, the plantation was burned to the ground. Its foundations were used to construct a Union army tent. After the Civil War, the land was acquired by the Sea Pines Plantations Company. The company turned the land into a residential area. The ruins are preserved as a part of the company’s efforts to protect the history of the area. Check out here

The ruins include several standing architectural ruins, including the chimney footing for the overseer’s house. In addition, there are foundations of several outbuildings. Several of the outbuildings were built with tabby, a lime mixture used to build houses. The lime is a byproduct of the burning of oyster shells. This lime is mixed with water to create a mixture that is strong enough to withstand the elements. There are also several plaques that explain the construction method.

The ruins at Stoney Baynard Ruins include the remains of a grand antebellum plantation house. It was built by Captain Jack Stoney in the 1790s. Stoney’s home was built on the foundation of a domestic slave quarter. Stoney’s home was built from lime and oyster shells. This mixture was used to build the main house as well as many of the outbuildings.

During the Civil War, the main house was occupied by Union troops. The ruins of the house are now part of Baynard Plantation Ruins. These ruins are located off Plantation Drive in Sea Pines. The site is home to several trails, including the William Baynard trail. These trails are open to the public and are easily accessible. Visitors can walk or bike the trail. Next blog post is Art League of Hilton Head Gallery

The ruins at Baynard Plantation are a reminder of the history of the island and the lives of its plantation families. It is also a site where visitors can experience the spirit of the domestic slaves. There are a number of reports of visitors seeing a ghost after dark. Some visitors have even claimed to see a funeral procession.

If you are visiting Hilton Head Island, you should pay a visit to Stoney Baynard Ruins. This is a popular spot for ghost sightings, and visitors have claimed to see a funeral procession and a ghost of Baynard after dark. The site is also home to several hiking trails that take visitors through the jungle of history.

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