5 Luxury Splurges To Consider When Building Your Lowcountry Custom Home

Building a custom home in the Lowcountry has terrific advantages over buying pre-built homes. Building a custom home provides a blank canvas with which you can design your home from top to button. You never need to settle for the design someone else loved, but instead can bring your own vision to life.

Choosing which areas to splurge on and which areas to save money on when designing a custom-built home is challenging for many people who are in the process of building their homes. With so many luxury splurges like solar panels, high-end appliances, in-ground swimming pools, heated floors, media rooms, and custom cabinetry, it’s not easy to pick and choose where to spend and where to save. If money was no object, most builders would add luxury after luxury to the home without giving it a second thought.

However, most people have limited budgets in place during the luxury building phase, meaning they need to choose which features they want to splurge on well ahead of the start of the project. As a guide, invest in areas of the home that are expensive or impossible (or nearly impossible) to change later and save money on other areas.

investing your money in these areas of the home, you can feel good about spending more money since you know it benefits the home day after day and year after year. Following this plan ensures you create the home of your dreams without going so far over budget that it puts you into major debt.

What to Consider When Choosing Luxury Splurges on Your Custom Home

Luxury splurges change the dynamics of a home so there are a few considerations to keep in mind as you decide what to add to your new Lowcountry custom home. What you love might not appeal as much to other families and cause a decline in value, difficulty selling in the future, or other problems. Considerations to think about before choosing luxury splurges should include:


If money were limitless, home builders certainly would opt for every luxury that caught their eye. Unfortunately, budget is the most important restriction of building a home most people face. This is true regardless of how large your budget is. Decide how much of an impact the luxury splurge will affect your budget. Although going over budget is anticipated during the home building process, you want to stay as close to the original number as possible. Otherwise you risk getting in over your head before you even move into your custom built home.


If the luxury additions you want to add to the home affect the style of a neighborhood (especially in historic districts) you may want to reconsider. Not only will building such a home likely upset neighbors, but it also may not get building approval. Make sure the additions you want are not eccentric. Always consider the neighborhood in which you are building when making decisions on the features you splurge on.

Future Owners

Needs and lives change, which may cause the need to relocate in the future. Should you decide to sell the home, will the luxury items you’ve added affect the price and interest in the property? For better or for worse?

Where to Splurge

Transcend Custom Homes Is licensed, insured, and bonded, and specializes in building custom luxury homes for families who ‘expect the unexpected’ in design. We know the lowcountry housing market and the best areas to invest when designing your custom home. Our expertise allows us to help families just like yours build homes that exceed expectations without breaking the bank.

Take a look at five areas of the home where we recommend you splurge. Investing your money into the following areas ensures you spend your cash on items that add long term value to the home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, the place where delicious meals are cooked and served, but also an area where families interact with one another and entertain friends, especially during holidays and special occasions.

Unsurprisingly, the kitchen happens to be the most expensive room to design in the home. Considering the amount of time we spend in the kitchen, however, it is easy to understand why investing money in this area makes financial sense.

Investing more money into areas of the kitchen allows you to create a space that meets your needs and those of your family while enjoying long term value.

There are tons of kitchen splurges that are worth the money. To decide which splurges best meet the needs of your family, create a list of things you need to live comfortably. Could you benefit from an oversized kitchen island? Perhaps you love the idea of stainless steel appliances. Maybe your family can’t do without a breakfast bar.

Additionally, consider the space available in the kitchen. Since so much goes on in the kitchen, it must offer enough space to prepare food and cook meals comfortably, but a little extra to accommodate gatherings and special occasions when the family comes together. Choose a layout that works for you, not against you. The experts at Roberts Construction can help recommend kitchen layouts that do more for the allotted space.

The finishing touches of the kitchen should reflect the style you want. It should make you happy and proud to show off to other people. Whether you prefer a traditional Lowcountry design or modern elegance, choose the right finishes to create the perfect place. Choose a luxurious backlash, granite or marble countertops, or custom cabinets to create the style you crave. Hardware additions can drastically enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen at an extremely low price.


Some experts say flooring is an area to save money on. We disagree. Flooring can be expensive to repair or replace, can create unpleasant aesthetics in the home, and cause other headaches. Choosing cheap materials now results in problems much sooner and often far worse than you would experience with higher-quality flooring.

The numerous flooring options available today ensures every homeowner can find something that meets their budget and style requirements. It is worth learning more about all the flooring options and investing your money here since it affects so many areas of our lives. Flooring affects the look, comfort, and even resale value of your property.

Hardwood flooring usually wins the flooring battle in many custom-built homes in the Lowcountry. Hardwood is a great option for any family, especially families with pets and kids. High-end wood laminate looks great in most rooms of a home. It is easy to care for, will last 20+ years, and is extremely durable.

In the kitchen, mudroom, and bathroom choose a flooring material such as tile. It works wonders in moisture-prone areas. It’s available in assorted styles, is durable, and adds great appeal to any room.

Lay carpeting in bedrooms. It is more comfortable than other flooring options especially when kids are part of the family. Like other flooring materials, carpeting comes in assorted colors, styles, textures, and budgets accommodating every Lowcountry homebuilder.

Storage Space

What seems like an enormous amount of space initially often becomes too little the longer a person or family lives in a home. Children’s clothing and toys, old electronics, books, sports equipment, and a laundry list of additional items can take up a considerable amount of space in the home and garage. Plan to include lots of storage space in your new home construction.

Storage is considered a premium since many homes are very limited in their offerings. Splurge on storage space such as larger closets or even additional closets, shelving, and overhead storage in the garage to ensure your home stays neat and organized for years to come.

Outdoor Space

Many families enjoy the outdoors and want to spend as much time as possible soaking up the sun. Creating the perfect outdoor space can help your family live an active outdoor lifestyle. There are many outdoor features to consider splurging on when building your custom home.

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family, invest in an outdoor entertaining space. Such a space can be inviting and relaxing, making all your gatherings a little more special. Comfortable seating, outdoor kitchens, and an inground pool are among the luxury splurges that could be valuable.

Other possible luxury splurges for your outdoor space include:

  • Patio with built in ceiling fans
  • Home theater system complete with speakers

Need more ideas for your outdoor entertainment area? Transcend Custom Homes is one call away, ready to learn your wants and needs and help you incorporate them into your outdoor space.

Windows, Doors, and Insulation

Energy efficient windows keep out some of the strong winds we experience in the Lowcountry during hurricane season. This creates a more comfortable home space and cuts down on energy costs, potentially saving homeowners hundreds of dollars per year. Expect a 60% ROI (return on investment) on energy efficient windows.

Investing in quality doors can also help create a more welcoming property while cutting back on energy costs. This is especially true of the front door which increases curb appeal and, of course, can add more energy efficiency.

Energy efficient insulation also benefits a newly-built home in ways you may not realize. Sure insulation cuts costs of energy bills and creates a more comfortable environment for your household, but there are other benefits including:

  • Fire protection
  • Pollutant emission reduction
  • Noise level reduction

Insulation protects the household from fire as it reduces the risk of structural damage to the home in the event of a fire. Insulating your Lowcountry custom home is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner.

It is impossible or nearly impossible to change these areas down the line, not to mention the extreme expense that would be involved. That’s why investing in these splurges now is important. You’ll keep the home safe and structurally sound so there are fewer things to worry about down the line.

Add Value to Your Lowcountry Custom Home with These Luxury Splurges

Choosing the right luxury splurges in your custom-built home (such as the five listed above) ensures you enjoy your investment now and receive long-term value in the future. You’ll spend more money now, but will benefit considerably from the decision down the road since there will be fewer repairs and replacements needed in these areas. 

The many luxury splurges available to add to a home can seem overwhelming, especially to families with a limited budget. The splurges on our list narrow down the choices to an important few that not only add charm and comfort to the home but also long term value. Investing more money in these recommended areas of the home ensures your place is just as enjoyable now as it will be in 20, 30, 40 years or more from today.

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